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Bath Vs. Shower: Which Is More Effective?

Bath Vs. Shower: Which Is More Effective?

Pardon the pun, but our Sundae HQ team debate on showers versus baths can often get a little… heated. 

We know that both options offer super beneficial components to your hygiene regimen. We all know there are several uses for baths, and there are several uses for showers. Depending on what you want, you may indulge in a sprinkle of the two, opting for the body cleaning technique that is best for you on the day. 

But is there a tried and tested way to wash that works best overall? The answer is: maybe! Let’s look at the pros and cons to help you decide.

Covered in this article:

  • Do Showers or Baths Make You Cleaner?
  • Benefits of Showering vs. Bathing
  • Benefits of Taking a Bath vs. Shower
  • Which Option is Best for the Environment?
  • So Should I Take a Shower or a Bath?

Do Showers or Baths Make You Cleaner?

Let's start with the truth: Showers are cleaner than baths. A shower is the best option if thoroughly cleaning your entire body is your top concern. Showers whisk dirty water out of sight while evenly distributing clean water over your body. When you shower, the water and soap on your body combine to dissolve the sweat, oils, and bad vibes that have adhered to your skin. Following your body's cleaning, the water immediately empties into your drain.


Benefits of Showering vs. Bathing

Showers provide a few extraordinary benefits that deserve their flowers. Hot showers can relax muscles and assist in discharging toxins. Showering, especially in cold water, may strengthen your immune system. Taking hot-to-cold showers, starting with hot water before dropping the temperature, led to adults taking fewer sick days over a year.

Showers may make your skin and hair seem radiant; vasoconstriction, commonly known as improved blood flow beneath the skin, is a benefit of showering. This might increase blood flow to your scalp, enhancing the appearance of your hair and fostering the "glowing" appearance of healthy skin. 

Depression may be treated with cold showers; as your neurological system is stimulated, endorphins will be produced, and your symptoms reduced.


Benefits of Taking a Bath vs. Shower

Although showers may be more effective at cleaning your body, baths have their fair share of soapy advantages. Your muscles will relax, your neurological system will be stimulated, and your skin will be softly exfoliated. According to a study done in 2018, those who regularly took warm water immersion baths felt less worn out, stressed out, and prone to the Sunday sads. 

Baths are also a fantastic way to give a variety of nutritional elements to your body, especially if you’re healing from surgery or have inflamed skin. Try an oatmeal bath to calm your skin's redness and irritation and ease the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Your mind may be relaxed, and your muscles can be soothed by taking a bath with a few drops of essential oils. We always find eucalyptus and lavender to be the most calming. 

If you're battling the flu or a cold, you could find relief in a warm bath, with water coming up to your chest. Taking a bath while unwell helps ease congestion, lower a temperature, and ease tight muscles.

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Which Option is Best for the Environment?

The short answer: showers are more environmentally friendly than baths—as long as you don't take a long shower. Using a water-saving shower head, which consumes no more than two gallons of water per minute, is the most effective approach to saving water. You can become clean with this procedure with just 20 liters of water and a 10-minute shower. The average shower (without the water-saving gadget) uses five gallons of water per minute, while the average bath requires 36 gallons to fill a tub. With a conventional shower head, you can make it quick and rinse off in five to seven minutes or take a little more time with a water-saving nozzle.

So Should I Take a Shower or a Bath?

Whether you take a bath or a shower should depend on how crucial personal cleanliness is to you. A bath may be the best option to promote relaxation, reduce fatigue, and alleviate chronic pain. A shower can be a better option if your only concern is being clean every day; plus, if you use the cold water setting for the last few minutes of your shower, it may also help your immune system.

🤔 Should I Shower After Taking A Bath?

Our final advice: you decide! Both options get you clean. And for a final fun fact: did you know that long, hot baths and showers, according to research, may instantly lessen feelings of loneliness? So, if you are feeling a little worse for wear, avoid making things worse by debating whether to take a shower or a bath. We can almost guarantee you'll feel super safe, clean, and cozy inside and out after either one.

Happy Sundae X

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