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Ingredients To Avoid When Choosing Your Next Body Moisturizer

Ingredients To Avoid When Choosing Your Next Body Moisturiser

Every little thing you put on your skin matters, and moisturizer is no different. These days, skincare and body care can be made with a concoction of nasty ingredients that can do your skin more harm than good, but you might not know it. And we don’t blame you – who wants to spend hours Googling skincare ingredients when there are *so* many new seasons of reality TV shows out there to binge? Not us.

To save you precious time that could be spent on the couch, here’s a list of nine moisturizer ingredients to avoid and the best ones to look out for in a moisturizer ingredients list next time you’re choosing your moisturizer.

We’re all for raising our glass, but not to alcohol in our moisturizer. Some alcohols (looking at you, ethanol and denatured alcohol) can completely undo that skincare routine you’ve put tons of effort into. They dry you out and strip your skin of its natural oils, putting you in a harmful cycle of over-moisturizing only for your skin to dry out again.

Parabens are preservatives unfortunately found in plenty of skincare products. Many studies have linked them to potential hormone-mimicking effects, meaning they might disrupt your hormonal balance.

Mineral Oil
Mineral oil might sound fancy, but it's just a filler. It’s a low-cost, petroleum byproduct that can clog your pores and reduce your skin’s ability to eliminate toxins, leading to breakouts and a complexion that's anything but smooth.

Sure, silicones give you a nice and silky feel. But beneath the surface they can trap debris and clog pores, leading to aggravated skin and breakouts.

Synthetic colors
Synthetic colors are artificial additives made with chemicals. They can lead to skin irritation, redness or even allergic reactions, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin.

Sulfates are those things responsible for making bubbles. While they create that satisfying lather, they can strip your skin of essential oils, leaving it feeling dry and irritated. Your skin needs a gentle touch, not a hard scrub.

Phthalates are often found in fragrances (and plastic – eek). They have been linked to potential endocrine disruption, which is a fancy way of saying they can mess with your body's hormonal balance.

Formaldehyde releaser
Formaldehyde releasers slowly release formaldehyde, an irritant that can cause skin sensitivity and redness.

Essential oils
Essential oils are a big love-hate ingredient in skincare. While some people love them, others break out. If your skin plays nice, great. If not, it might be time for a conscious uncoupling.

So, what ingredients should you be looking for in your moisturizer?

The main ingredients you should see on your moisturizer’s ingredient list are glycerin (to lock hydration in), ceramides (to strengthen your skin barrier) and antioxidants (to protect your skin from the bad stuff). 

Now you know which moisturizer ingredients might be wreaking havoc on your skin, why not learn a bit more about what ingredients you should look out for in your body wash?


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