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Glow-up through the power of exfoliation

Sundae's new Green Tea exfoliating body wash

If you're anything like us, you are totally obsessed with Tiktok's #cleantok deep cleaning craze. We're talking about profoundly satisfying cleaning ASMR moments; pressure-washed pavements, spotless sinks, dynamic Dysons, and crisp closets. But what about our pores?

Enter: Green Tea Shower Foam - here to spring clean your pores and exfoliate your body for the silkiest, smoothest skin you could ever imagine.

What is exfoliating, you ask?

To start, a wild fact: your skin is your largest organ! So, naturally, taking care of it is a big deal when it comes to your overall health. Obvious strategies to keep your precious skin nice and healthy include sunscreen, cleansers, and moisturizers. However, another essential step to consider is including exfoliation in your daily bodycare and skincare routine.

Exfoliating involves whisking away dead skin cells that have accumulated on the top layer of your skin. These cells are meant to naturally fall off in their own sweet time with day-to-day movement. Alternatively, a scrub or chemical exfoliator can remove them faster, improve the appearance of your skin and make you feel like the smooth shimmery mermaid you always dreamed of being.

A little extra skin science, shall we?

What is fascinating is that our skin is a multifaceted queen with many layers. These layers include the epidermis, or visible component of the skin, which comprises the outermost layers, and the stratum corneum – the epidermis' very top layer. It consists of ten to thirty layers of dead skin cells, which regularly slide off and are replaced by fresh new ones. A complete cycle of cell turnover for our spritely youth takes roughly 28 days. For our well-seasoned queens, it takes approximately 45 days to complete, AKA: double the time.

Any procedure that removes the top layers of skin cells before they fall off naturally is known as exfoliation. The top layers of skin might appear dull or dry, and removing them can improve its appearance. Some exfoliating treatments can be done at home, while others require the assistance of a dermatologist or qualified aesthetician.

We're here for the DIY option, which is a gloriously cheaper and easier way to keep your skin gleaming and acne-free from the comfort of your shower. And, truth be told, exfoliation is ridiculously simple to incorporate into your skincare routine at home. As always, slow and steady wins the race: start with light exfoliants to see how your skin reacts, and check-in with your doctor or derm if you have any questions. Please know that some exfoliation techniques can be too harsh for some skin types, causing redness and irritation.

What style of exfoliation will suit me best?

When it comes to DIY body exfoliation, it's a case of choosing your own adventure; with two primary methods available:

  1. Manual exfoliation – removing dead skin cells off the skin's surface with a tool. Gritty-textured skin scrubs are one sort of manual exfoliation. Another option is to use textured cloths, sponges, and loofahs. You may also purchase mechanical brushes that scour the skin for a more thorough exfoliation.
  2. Exfoliation with chemicals – like our Green Tea Shower Foam! Ingredients in chemical exfoliants use potent ingredients to disintegrate dead cells and bacterial buildup, helping speed cell turnover to leave your skin fresher, brighter, and clearer, with minimized pores and a smoother surface.

Your chemical exfoliants will likely contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs) on their labels. Glycolic and citric acids are examples of alpha-hydroxy acids. In contrast, salicylic acid is an example of a beta-hydroxy acid. Both of these ingredients work hard to reduce inflammation – which is a crucial indicator of acne, rosacea, and other skin problems, even out your skin tone, enhance overall skin texture, eliminate dead skin cells, reduce the appearance of big pores and surface wrinkles and prevent acne by unclogging pores.

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We opted to include the skin-boosting benefits of Green Tea extract in our Green Tea Shower Foam due to its proven track record in calming down inflammation and giving body acne the flick. We hope you love it.

Happy Sundae X

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