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Don't Let Dry Air Ruin Your Skin. Use These Clever Tricks for Hydrating During a Long Flight

Don't Let Dry Air Ruin Your Skin. Use These Clever Tricks for Hydrating During a Long Flight

Not to be dramatic, but ‘dry plane skin’ should be added to the list of international flight risks. Seriously. Have you ever boarded a long-haul flight, watched three (okay, five) mediocre rom-coms, enjoyed your fave sweet treats, and, um… strolled off the tarmac hours later wondering why your happily hydrated skin is enjoying an all-expenses paid trip to the coast of the Côte d'Azur? (Yeah. Based on a true story.) Below, learn why everyone needs a long-haul flight skincare routine under their belt.

Fasten those seatbelts, friends. If you have dry skin, you may be familiar with the dryness, flakiness and skin sensitivities associated with a lack of moisture in your skin. However, those with oily, combination or normal skin types can also experience dry skin while we’re up in the air, and the days thereafter. This is because the air inside a plane is desert-style-dry. Think of it this way – our skin is generally pretty comfortable with 40-70% humidity, but the average humidity on a plane is typically around 20%. Basically, as soon as your phone is set to flight mode, you can consider your skin’s moisture ZAPPED.

So, what are the best skincare tips for long haul flights and how can you reduce your skin’s thirsty cravings? Sundae School is here to help your skin through this stage with flying colors.

1. Drink up, buttercup.

Not only can drinking more water help to improve blood flow in the skin and body, but it also does what Sundae’s whipped products specialize in – quenching the body’s thirst! A good rule of thumb is this: If you feel thirsty, that’s your body's way of telling you it needs water. Simple enough, right?

Long haul flight skincare tip: Bring your fave water bottle on the plane and ask the flight attendant for refills. The secret is to drink small amounts of water frequently, otherwise, you’ll be spending the entire flight queueing for the loo.

2. Use a portable humidifier or a facial spray

Yup – portable humidifiers exist, and good news! They’re not on the list of banned plane items. (However, they’ll need to be completely empty and dry before being packed. In any case, it’s always best to check your local regulations.) Because of the low humidity in plane cabins, you may be left dealing with dry nasal passages, increased allergy symptoms and sinus concerns. A portable humidifier can help to add moisture to the air you breathe, making for a breezier travel experience. Alternatively, you can pack a hydrating facial spray to help uplift your skin.

3. Your moisturizer pal is in it for the long haul. Use it!

You’ve probs already packed your face moisturizer in your travel essentials bag. (Well done, you.) Next, you’ll need a whole body moisturizer that’ll lock into those dry areas (we’re talking ankles, hands and elbows) and save your skin from Desert Town. Just remember to pack your moisturizer in your carry-on luggage, ‘cause you’ll need it while you’re flying.

Long haul flight skincare tip: When selecting your face moisturizer, be sure to choose a formula that’s suitable for your skin type.

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4. Wear loose, breathable clothing 

Flights were not built for “jeans and a nice top” (i.e., there’s a reason why most people wear their tracksuits and sneakers while up in the sky). Tight clothing has the potential to restrict blood flow and dry out the skin – especially in areas we mentioned earlier, like the ankles and wrists. To prep your skin for the long haul, it’s recommended to wear loose, breathable clothing (plus it’s way comfier, too)!

Long haul flight skincare tip: Opt for natural fabrics like cotton, silk, wool or linen for your in-flight wardrobe. These materials will allow air and moisture to pass through.

5. Pucker up with lip balm

Your lip balm is not only a certified emotional support item (by Sundae standards), but it’s also designed to help prevent dryness and chapping. Antioxidant-rich formulas that include vitamin E, vitamin C and/or hyaluronic acid are helpful, in addition to ceramides, squalane and shea butter to help get your lips from Cracked Lip Crescent to Happiness Highway.

Now that you know the best skincare tips for long haul flights, our work here is done. Have a great flight! Next, check out our Expert Advice For Taking Care of Your Dry Body Skin.


Happy Sundae x


Written By: Lizzie Waley (Sundae Co-Founder & Body Care Enthusiast) | LinkedIn

Fact Checked: Charnnie Frimpong (Sundae Content Marketing Manager) | Linkedin