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Banish Bacne: Sundae's Ultimate Guide to Clearing Back Acne

say goodbye to bacne

Bacne, the uninvited guest that loves to pop up at the most inconvenient times. But hey, let's not let it rain on our parade! Embrace your bacne as a quirky reminder of your body's resilience and the adventures you've embarked on—a tiny battle scar from this experience we call life. Plus, here's the truth: while you may feel like everyone's eyes are glued to your acne, the reality is quite different. Nobody, and we mean nobody, is as fixated on those little bumps as you are. Trust us, people are too busy enjoying your radiant personality, your infectious laughter, and your amazing outfit to even notice a few pesky pimples. But, while we're all for self-love, we get that sometimes you want to show your back some TLC. So here's our guide to bidding bacne farewell and showing any unwanted blemishes who's the real star of the show.

Step 1: Keep your hair clean and off your back.

Your hair can be a secret accomplice in the game of bacne. Hair products, sweat, and dirt can join forces and clog up those precious pores, leading to those unwelcome breakouts. So, let's keep that hair clean and away from your back. Tie it up, bun it, or style it however you fancy, just make sure it's not getting cozy with your skin. Your back will thank you.

Step 2: Embrace the power of non-comedogenic products.

It's time to introduce you to your new best friends: non-comedogenic products. What's the scoop? Well, these beauties won't play games with your pores. They won't clog them or cause any more breakouts–which is just what the doctor ordered. So, when you're shopping for skincare and body care goodies, make sure they proudly flaunt that non-comedogenic label. Trust us, your back will feel the love.

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Step 3: Gently exfoliate with Sundae's Green Tea foam.

We may be sweet, but we’re always willing to get super serious about exfoliation. Sundae's got your back (quite literally) with our crown-favorite Green Tea foam. This superstar exfoliator is not only your fast pass to removing dead skin cells, but it's also your secret weapon against clogged pores. Picture this: you, in the shower, surrounded by the delightful scent of green tea while your skin gets a rejuvenating detox— like a spa experience right in your bathroom. Treat yourself a few times a week with this bestselling foam and watch that bacne disappear down the drain.

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Step 4: Embrace loose, breathable clothing.

Particularly during the hotter months, it's time to break up with those tight, clingy clothes. They might look fabulous at your morning Barre class, but they can trap sweat and oil against your skin, creating a breeding ground for bacne. Opt for loose-fitting, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. These cozy materials will keep you comfortable while allowing your skin to breathe. Say goodbye to skin irritation, hello to Hampton Mom chic, and ultimate comfort.

Step 5: Keep your back clean and dry.

We can't stress this enough: balance is key in the battle against bacne. After a sweaty workout or a hot summer day, make sure to hit the shower and give your back a thorough cleanse. This will wash away impurities, excess oil, and any bacteria that might be lingering. Show your back some love with a gentle cleanser, and you'll bid farewell to those unwanted breakouts. And don't forget, after your refreshing shower, pat your skin dry with a fresh, clean towel. No more sharing towels with anyone else – your back deserves its own pampering session!

Step 6: Unleash the power of acne-fighting products.

When all else fails, it's time to bring in the big guns – acne-fighting products recommended by a trusted derm. Look for ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, renowned for their pimple-busting superpowers. These heroes reduce inflammation, unclog those pesky pores, and keep future breakouts at bay. Start with a lower concentration and gradually increase as your skin builds a tolerance. And always, always wear sunscreen.

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Whether you choose to flaunt it or give it the boot, remember that confidence and laughter are your secret weapons. Slip into that backless dress whenever you want to. Bacne, you may have tried, but you're no match for our fit check.

Happy Sundae x

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