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The Ultimate Sundae Evening Shower Routine

The Ultimate Sundae Evening Shower Routine

ICYMI, we're total gluttons for self-care. Our very favorite and most ridiculously extensive self-care ritual? Our Sundae evening shower – where we lock the bathroom door, turn the lights low and get super soapy with all our favorite products. Interested in joining the fun? Here's how to transform an everyday shower into the ultimate space of rest and relaxation – no kids, lovers or phone notifications allowed!

Low Lights = High Vibes

Warm lighting brings a real sense of zen to your bathroom and helps settle the mind, especially in the evening. Introduce a small accent light, a scent diffuser or a candle that creates a soothing, mellow glow. Consider calming fragrances like lavender, rose, chamomile and geranium for an even deeper slice of paradise.

Dry Brush, Your Body

Before turning on the taps, take a gentle dry brush and gently massage yourself from head to toe in long, circular strokes. Bonus points if said strokes travel up towards your heart because, according to Ayurvedic philosophy, this detoxifies the body while encouraging lymphatic drainage and circulation. It also aids in the removal of dead skin cells, which is always a priority when seeking optimal skin health and that full-body glow.

Nail the Temperature

It's normal to want to crank up the heat during the winter. However, avoid scorching temperatures as they can flog the skin's moisture barrier and leave it feeling tighter than a fresh pair of Spanx. Dermatologists believe that the best temperature for avoiding dry, irritated skin is lukewarm—or at least just warm enough to keep you feeling cozy and relaxed. (We've written extensively about hot showers and cold showers; BTW, feel free to take a read!)

Take Your Time, Sorta

According to dermatologists, spending a 'my-fingers-are-prunes' amount of time in the shower might dry up your skin, too, so keep it sensible. We also think that being mindful of the length of your bathing saves water and electricity; therefore, the environment is super cool.

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Shampoo Smartly

To get the most out of your washing and conditioning routine, we recommend brushing your hair before entering the shower to ensure you remove any tangles ahead of time. Before cleaning your body, wash your hair first to ensure that no shampoo or conditioner residue is left on your skin to cause breakouts or blocked pores. Don't forget that washing your hair too frequently can cause skin and hair dryness, and too little can result in a buildup of scalp oils, which can cause dandruff or redness. And finally, try rinsing out shampoo and conditioner with lukewarm or cooler water to protect your hair's natural moisture and seal the follicles for maximum shine.

 Cleanse in Style

If you enjoy weekend margaritas as much as we do – Sunday showers may call for a mini detox. Our latest Sundae Green Tea shower foam is jam-packed with AHAs that gently exfoliate dead skin and clear out clogged pores. Bonus points: it has a fresh, calming scent that will leave you floating out of hangover hell towards cloud 9 in no time.

Get Dewy

After you come out of the shower, one of the most crucial phases of your luxurious routine is still to come! It's time to lock in all that bodycare love. Moisturizing right after a shower allows your body to absorb the lotion more effectively, preventing moisture loss. We recommend patting yourself dry with a towel (without rubbing vigorously – please!) and applying a moisturizer to your body. 


Bask in That Squeaky Clean (and Oh-So Chill) Feeling

Once you've wrapped your ritual, it's time to wrap yourself in some nice clean pajamas, pop the kettle on, pour a cup of tea and settle into a good book or rom-com series before floating off to sleep feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated.


Happy Sundae x


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