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Choose Your Fighter: Shower Cream vs Body Wash

what's the difference between shower cream and body wash?

Wander the aisle of any local beauty and wellness dealer, and you’ll likely come up against a few handfuls of phrases. Body wash. Body gel. Body cream. Shower wash. Shower gel. Shower cream. Add adjectives like hydrating, moisturizing, clarifying, toning, and brightening. And, while you’re at it, why not a few more – milky, glowy, glossy and PERFECTING?

We won’t blame you if you feel like you did when you tried your first Smirnoff Black – overstimulated, confused and perhaps a little buzzed.

And while different skin calls for varying and targeted products that soothe and cleanse uniquely and effectively, these myriad terms and SKUs can make one’s purchasing journey more painful than pleasant. To help you on your way, we’ve collated the ultimate guide/boxing match to help you differentiate between a) Shower Cream and b) Body Wash and c) where exactly Sundae’s Whipped Shower Foams fit into the mix. 

So, What's The Difference Between Shower Cream and Body Wash?

Like strawberry and raspberry gelato, shower cream and body wash are comparable but not identical. Yes, both items fall under the category of liquid cleansers. They both use mild detergents that produce a rich, foaming lather and moisturizing chemicals to soothe the skin. The capital ‘C’—consistency—of each inspired the main differentiating factor (along with the relative amounts of the individual ingredients, of course!)

A body wash is often referred to as a gel due to its gel-like consistency—and usually a higher aroma concentration than regular soap. Body washes are often favored by those with an oilier skin composition or habituating damp and humid climates where atmospheric moisture is in ample supply.

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Shower cream, like shower gel, can whisk away the miscellaneous grime that builds up on your skin throughout the day. They are more helpful in harsh and cold weather since they contain more hydrating and moisturizing elements. They shield the skin from losing its natural moisture thanks to additions like shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, aloe vera, and other moisturizing ingredients that set shower cream apart from regular soap.

Ultimately, a shower cream has two purposes: cleansing and moisturizing the skin. To top it all off, shower cream produces a protective film on the surface of your skin, leaving you with silky smooth, plumped skin. It's useful for all skin types but shines when applied to dry or sensitive skin.

On the flip side, a gel or wash has a single purpose: cleansing and purifying the skin. Oily-skinned individuals might be better served by a shower gel product that helps clear their pores without adding unnecessary moisturizers.

But What If I Want Both Benefits? We Hear You!

Enter Sundae’s Whipped Shower Foams.

One part shower gel, Sundae’s powerhouse ingredients cleanse without stripping – leaving your skin silky clean without a single squeak in sight.

We’ve even added a generous amount of natural skin actives, like:

Kakadu Plum—one of the richest sources of Vitamin C for brightening skin complexion and protecting against premature ageing.

Finger Lime—a natural source of AHAs (active exfoliators) which coaxes gentle skin exfoliation for a smoother, brighter & even skin. Like we said… a powerhouse!

Not finished with its magic tricks, Sundae’s Whipped Shower Foams also play the role of shower cream thanks to the addition of deeply nourishing natural botanical extracts and our favorite skincare ingredient ever—Glycerin! Glycerin (or Glycerine) hydrates the skin and invites moisture from deeper layers to the surface, resulting in plumper, more youthful skin. Glycerin's ability to moisturize the skin reduces the appearance of fine lines, that crepey texture you may not welcome and any flakey bits around knees and elbows.

Bonus topping: Sundae’s whipped, frosting-like formula soaks in instantly and rinses off breezily without a tacky, sticky feeling post-shower. Simply follow your shower routine with the moisturizer your skin loves, and voila—both worlds truly bested!

Happy Sundae x


Written By: Lizzie Waley (Sundae Co-Founder & Body Care Enthusiast) | LinkedIn

Fact Checked: Charnnie Frimpong (Sundae Content Marketing Manager) | Linkedin

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